Letters from Serial Killer Richard Ramirez


The True CRIME Museum welcomed author Ricki Thomas last Sunday to tell the story of her correspondence with serial killer Richard Ramirez.

Ramirez terrorised Californians between 1984 and ’85 and was convicted of 13 murders and a series of home invasions, mutilations and rapes. Thomas explained that she had contacted the killer, also known as the Night Stalker, at a low point in her life in 2011 and felt a strong physical attraction to him. “He was a good looking guy, but I never felt I was one of his groupies”

Over a period of nine months, the correspondence from Ramirez became increasingly personal and intimate according to Thomas, who said that the killer demanded that she put her perfume onto her letters. Ramirez also wrote erotic poetry for the author and drew her pictures.

Museum Curator Joel Griggs said, “The Night Stalker Murders are a fascinating and complicated case. Ricki’s letters give a brand new, personal insight into the mind of both a man and a monster.”

Watch the above interview from the True CRIME museum in Hastings, East Sussex as Thomas reveals why she thinks the study of serial killers to be so vitally important, and what insight she gleaned as to the serial killer’s mindset from the letters.

(Be sure to double click the video screen to view it in full screen.)

Ramirez’ letters and drawings can be seen exclusively at the True CRIME Museum on Hastings Seafront until the end of February.