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Real Crime is a truly multimedia brand available worldwide in printed, online and digital forms, including iPad, Android tablets, desktop PCs, and an active number of social networking channels, including Facebook and Twitter. It also has a large number of registered website users and subscribers to its regular email newsletter.

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Real Crime brand values

From the serial killers of the Age of Aquarius to the mob bosses of the Jazz Age and beyond, Real Crime is the first high-quality true crime magazine on the newsstand. Every issue of Real Crime reveals the untold stories behind the world’s most gripping cases, the breathtaking experiences of investigators and survivors, and blow-by-blow accounts of how lawbreakers were finally brought to justice.

Brand values

  • Sophisticated storytelling from bestselling writers
  • World-beating graphics and photography
  • Real insight and unflinching detail
  • Assured quality and accuracy from the creators of All About History

Real Crime advertising opportunities

There are numerous ways to work with the Real Crime brand. We would recommend a number or all of the following options for maximum exposure:

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Real Crime audience profile

Real Crime's key audience profile is 60% Male, 40% Female. Aged 35-55, affluent Its key target groups are:

The True Detective
The True Detective has a passion for great stories and jaw-dropping twists. They love blockbuster big screen thrillers and the latest hit crime dramas, and eagerly devour the latest HBO shows and Nordic noir.

The Eyewitness
The Eyewitness wants to get as close to the story as possible. Intrigued by psychology, first-hand accounts and real experiences, they engage with stories emotionally and are deeply affected by the things they discover.

The Investigator
The Investigator loves the thrill of discovery. Whether seeing cases cracked in documentaries or reading about the latest advances in CSI technology, they crave the detail behind the deeds.