The Truth Behind Making a Murderer: “Steven Avery is GUILTY”

Michael Griesbach helped free Steven Avery for a crime he didn’t commit, now he drops a bombshell on the true crime TV sensation of 2016

Real Crime spoke with Assisstant District Attorney Michael Griesbach, who was seen at the beginning of hit Netflix TV series Making a Murderer defending Avery as DNA exonerated him from the 1985 conviction. His book, The Innocent Killer is Griesbach’s …


Murdering maids: how the Papin sisters shocked and inspired France

Mental illness, dysfunctional relationships and exploitative working conditions played a part in a double murder in Le Mans, France – one that sent shockwaves through French society. On the evening of 2 February 2 1933, retired solicitor Rene Lancelin became …


Win ‘Rectify’ season 3 on DVD

The third season of ITV Studios Global Entertainment’s acclaimed crime thriller series, ‘Rectify’ is now available on DVD – and has copies to give away to three lucky readers. Rectify tells the story of Daniel Holden, who emerges into …

Murder_TheCompleteSeries_DVD_3D copy

Win ‘Murder’ on DVD

The one-off drama Murder: Joint Enterprise received a BAFTA in 2013 for its unusual story telling for ‘Best Single Drama’. Following its preliminary success writer Robert Jones and co-creator Kath Mattock, produced a new three-part series, which returned to BBC …

Lonnie Franklin Jr's booking photo from the LA County Sherrif's Department

How racism and neglect left the Grim Sleeper free to kill again and again

We’re used to serial killers being presented in a certain way. Their faces staring out at us from front pages and primetime news, accompanied by sensationalist headlines about their grisly crimes. At a certain point during Nick Broomfield’s most recent documentary, …


FBI Crime Desk

25 May 2016

Civil Rights and Law Enforcement

At the historic 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama—the site of a deadly 1963 bombing that killed four girls—FBI Director James Comey spoke during the annual FBI and Birmingham Civil Rights Institute conference on law enforcement and civil rights.

16 May 2016

FBI Release Preliminary Numbers on Law Enforcement Officers Killed in 2015

The FBI released preliminary statistics on the number of law enforcement officers killed during 2015: Forty-one officers were feloniously killed (down from 51 in 2014), and an additional 45 officers were killed in line-of-duty accidents, the same number accidentally killed in 2014.

13 May 2016

FBI Reaching Out About Female Genital Mutilation

The FBI is proactively investigating tips and leads on the illegal practice of female genital mutilation. Investigators are hoping victims and community members who are opposed to it will come forward and report cases.


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