Debunking the JonBenét Ramsey Kidnapping: What was the family’s real role in the murder?

Police Chief Marshal James Kolar Spearheaded the investigation into one of the hottest cold case murders in history, leading him to a troubling conclusion of who killed the six-year-old beauty queen in the basement

On 26 December 1996, the lifeless body of six-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey was discovered in the wine cellar of her family home. The little girl had been strangled with a homemade device and hit over the head with a blunt …


Inside The Mind Of Ted Bundy, World’s Sickest Serial Killer

    TED BUNDY Born: 24 November 1946 First crime: 4 January 1974 Executed: 24 January 1989 Victims: 26-35   We’ll never know exactly how many women Ted Bundy murdered. His shocking crimes spread across the United States, from Seattle …


Pedro Alonso López: Stare into the eyes of pure evil

The terror of true evil is that it doesn’t have a recognisable face. It is nondescript; one of us. You won’t necessarily know it when you meet it. One example is of a dark-haired, bearded man staring out from a …

OK - 1/13/15

My Brother The Unabomber

    For some siblings, growing up in your brother’s shadow can be difficult. But what if your brother’s shadow was a dark and ominous wave of terror and death? We spoke to David Kaczynski, the man behind the capture …


FBI Gives Up On D. B. Cooper Cold Case

After 45 years of searching for the elusive man in the sky, the FBI has announced that it will be abandoning resources on the case of D. B. Cooper. The unknown plane hijacker of Flight 305 in 1971 made off …


Was Justice Served Against Oscar Pistorius?

Today was D-Day for Oscar Pistorius after a long and gruelling legal battle lasting more than three years, over the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. On 14 February 2013, Pistorius killed his model girlfriend Steenkamp by fatally blasting her through his bathroom door …


Win ‘Houdini & Doyle’ on DVD

ITV Studios’ paranormal crime thriller is now available on DVD, and has got 3 copies to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, simply head over to @RealCrimeMag Twitter and follow the instructions! Houdini & Doyle …


Win ‘Rectify’ season 3 on DVD

The third season of ITV Studios Global Entertainment’s acclaimed crime thriller series, ‘Rectify’ is now available on DVD – and has copies to give away to three lucky readers. Rectify tells the story of Daniel Holden, who emerges into …


FBI Crime Desk

19 August 2016

FBI Releases New Bank Robbers Mobile App

The FBI launched a mobile version of its Bank Robbers website to make it easier for smartphone users to view photos and information about bank robberies.

17 August 2016

Alaska Man Wanted Federal Agents Killed

Chris Guy Mannino, a former chiropractor and gun and explosives dealer who lived in Alaska, had scores to settle—and murder was how he planned to settle them.


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